Our new crystal shop has everything you need to heal your spiritual aura, and look good doing it. We have a match for you for just about any situation, a variety fo quartz and crystals to help active your aura, crystals for bonding, cleansings, healing, protection, and youth. With the natural powers of crystals we help you become your best self. 



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Every crystal has a power. Below we will dive further into the abilities of each crystal and find the one best suited to help you.

White/Clear Quartz

A lustrous crystal and a regulator of energies. This crystal is known for having tremendous all around healing properties with this one specifically targeting your immune system. This crystal is perfect for someone with a foggy mind, someone who doesn’t have their goals clearly set, or someone who struggles to make a decision.


Rose Quartz

A fan favorite, rose quartz are known to bring love and harmony where ever they go. This crystal is mostly used to heal relationships and self esteem as it bonds people together and enhances one self respect.



I often say this to people I talk to, but amethyst is “The” stone to always have on you. Not only does it have protective and healing properties, but it also helps rid the mind of all negative thoughts and energies that might be affecting it. Everyone I know that carries any piece of amethyst on them is usually happier than other individuals.



The harbinger of JOY! This stone is the perfect stone for people going through hard times. It releases all negative energies from your body and promotes positivity both mentally and physically. It also helps in motivating you to be your best self.