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Spiritual cleansing is done to strip the body of all bad energies for example, witchcraft, evil eye, works of magic mounted to delay a person.

This type of work is intended to cleanse your aura and open your roads, It is a powerful  cleanse that is done using white magic and the angelic court.

It releases heaviness of the body caused by energies such as other people's envies and betrayals.

It is an effective ritual with immediate results. All spiritual cleansings include a protection that lasts one year.



This type of ritual or work is carried out for the union of two people who do not live together, who are currently separated for different reasons, discussions, witchcraft or other people who are seeking an engagement.

Regardless of sex, sexuality, character, or distance, through a consultation we can determine if a love binding ritual could be performed, since this type of work is not done without prior permission from the saints.

Since not all bindings work the same it is important to do a consultation since this ritual wont work if there is no connection or love between two individuals.

A powerful ritual with the saints and spiritual entities with results seen within 20 Days guaranteed.


This type of ritual is performed for those people or couples who are arguing or going through a rough time with their lover.

This type of ritual is carried out on specific people, mostly those with strong personalities, who argue a lot, who might have some sort of witchcraft dont to them to induce a separation.

This type of ritual is only done when the couple is still together and you want to sweeten your paths and relationship, this type of ritual is not performed when there has already been a separation or when individuals have simply spent more than 6 months apart

This type of white magic practice is based working with saints known for bringing individuals togehter, the results are seen  no longer than 11 days GUARANTEED.




This type of work is done only to separate a person from you or someone else, have them move away from your life, home or neighborhood. Mostly done to an enemy or bad person that disturbs your tranquility.

These types of rituals are performed after a spiritual consultation to have the prior approval of the saints since this ritual is done only when the person is actually in danger or is putting their family at risk.

This type of practice is handled with different types different magic and results are seen within 10 days GUARANTEED.


Please contact us for information on more types of practices or spiritual rituals.