Baño de hierbas Dulce

Price: 20.00 USD
Poderosas hierbas dulces acompañadas por agua florida para realizar un baño dulce para la atracción, prosperidad, y buena suerte.

Health combo/ Combo de Salud

Price: 45.00 USD
Powerful combination of esoteric materials intended to spiritually attract health for any individual. Using the power of San Lazaro and Obatala this combo will spiritually aid you in obtaining better health for years to come. The combo includes: - 7 spiritual salts - 4 candles - 1 health charm - 1 rue soap - 1 pergamino paper - 1 3 spiritual oils All products are for external use only and are blessed by our santero to spiritually aid our clients on their spiritual journey. Many blessings

Love Bath Kit/ Baño de Amor

Price: 65.00 USD
Sweet spiritual bath kit created with organic materials used in the preparation of an attraction bath. Use this combination of spiritual baths, colognes, and oils to spiritually sweeten your auras and attract love into your life. The kit includes the following - 1 pheromone perfume - 3 red candles - 1 spiritual oil - 1 honey of love extract - 1 love soap - 1 come to me bath - 1 bath of the loved woman - 1 love cologne This kit is for external use oil. All shipping is free within the United States

Cleansing kit/ combo de limpieza

Price: 55.00 USD
Powerful cleansing kit to cleanse any environment or person of all negativity. This cleanse alters your spiritual aura to attract good luck. Following the instructions provided you will be spiritually clean to go forth and reach any goal you commit to. This kit includes: - 4 white candles representing the 4 paths - frankincense and 3 kings incense - 1 good luck protection - 1 smudge of white sage - 1 palo santo - 1 protection oil - 1 pergamino paper - 1 pack of coal for burning Free shipping in the U.S All products are original and meant for external use only

Love spell kit/ Hechizo de Amor

Price: 55.00 USD
Mystical combination of love with powerful and unique recipes, exclusively used for the attraction of a loved one or for someone to come to you, by following the instructions you will see results in a short amount of time. The combo includes the following: - 5 red candles - gold and silver dust - 1 love protection -1 love cologne - 1 pergamino paper -1 Gypsy spell potion - 3 spiritual love oils All this with free shipping in the U.S Inside you will find a coupon with a personalized code to receive a gift

Abundance spell/ Combo de Abundancia

Price: 60.00 USD
Mystical combination of esoteric items used together exclusively to create a powerful abundance spell. By following the included instructions see yourself reach new heights financially in a short period of time. This kit includes: - 3 candles - 1 money protection - 1 pergamino paper - 2 spiritual oils of abundance - 1 abundance bath - 1 7x7 spiritual bath - 1 7x7 spiritual soap - 1 open road cologne - 1 Florida water Free shipping in the U.S

Saint Michael Protection Combo

Price: 40.00 USD
POWERFUL combo blessed by our santero ready for use in any ritual you desire. Prepare your own protection and with the immense power of the archangel Michael your goals and desires will be met