Botanica Obatala Espiritual

About Us.




Spiritual center and distributor of religious artifacts, herbs of all types, powerful essential oils for ceremonies and rituals, blessed candles of all sizes and colors.

Protections for individuals, houses, and businesses

Saint Images, Santeria related artifacts, perfumes for good luck, love and much more.

Prepared baths for prosperity, love, and success. 

All in one place. 

We offer spiritual consultations with TAROT.

Experienced santero and spiritualist dwelving into the astral and spiritual realm.

We dedicate ourselves specifically in spiritual help in all its forms.

Problems related to addictions, alcohol, spiritual cleansings, therapies for depression and stress.

We perform all types of proteccions, cleansings for homes or businesses, Haitian love bondings, and spiritual consultations.

We attract and bond a lover in a short period of time with disregards to sex, character, and distance.

Love sweetenings, Separations for all types of people, and alienations for negative and evil people surrounding you.

Our main objective is to reach the innermost peace and to help others truly find themselves.

With the help of god and the saints you will reach big life goals without any problems.

In the name of ny father OBATALA i graciously welcome you to this spiritual domain and we wish many blessings for you and your family.